Linguistic Survey of Nepal: Concluded

Linguistic Survey of Nepal (LinSuN), a project commissioned by National Planning Commission (NPC), Government of Nepal to Central Department of Linguistics (CDL) was  concluded on 9th January 2018 ( Paush 25, 2074 BS) amidst the program  organized by the Linguistic Survey Management Committee ( LISMAC) at Hotel Hillside, Kirtipur. The program was chaired by the director of Linguistic Survey of Nepal, Prof. Dr. Dan Raj Regmi. It was inaugurated by the Chief Guest, Dr. Lava Deo Awasthi, the chairperson of Language Commission, Nepal. Prof. Dr. Sudha Tripathi, Rector, Tribhuvan University as Special Guest and Dr.Tarakant Panday, Assistant Dean, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Tribhuvan University as guest were present in the program. Prof. Nirmal Man Tuladhar, Member-Secretary of the project delivered welcome speech highlighting the legal compulsion for winding up the project.  He clarified that  the  government had sanctioned this project only  for seven years (2009-2016 AD). With the request of the Survey, it was extended only for one more year by NPC.

Prof. Regmi presenting the progress report of the survey remarked that the government did not provide regular budget as proposed in the proposal. In the beginning, some budget was  availed from Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Education and National Foundation for Indigenous Nationalities. However, in the latter phase, the project was run only with the financial support of SIL Intl (Nepal).  He further pointed out that due to the lack of sufficient budget, the survey had to  focus on preparing a sociolinguistic profile of the languages of Nepal. During the period, the survey  completed the sociolinguistic survey of 96 languages of Nepal. Preparing the mother tongue based textbooks in Bhujel, Newar, Maithili, Chepang, Lapcha, Yakkha and Bote, genetic classification of Tibeto-Burman languages of Nepal, publishing the Ethnologue: Languages of Nepal in English and Nepali, producing a high level manpower were some important achievements of the project.

To honour the contribution made by the researchers, Letters of Appreciation were awarded to Dr. Ambika Regmi and Mr. Rajendra Thokar. These two researchers worked continuously from the pilot survey  to the ending of the survey. Similarly,  Dr. Netra Mani Rai, Dr. Tara Mani Rai, Mr. Bhim Lal Gautam (Lecturer, CDL) , Mr. Krishna Prasad Chalise (Lecturer, CDL), Mr. Gopal Thakur (Former Member of Parliament), Mr. Indresh Thakur and Mr. Surya Prasad Yadava were also honoured by the Letters of Appreciation for their long service in the survey.

Amidst the program, SIL Intl (Nepal) was awarded the Letter of Appreciation for the continuous logistic, academic and financial support made by the institution for the completion of the survey of 96 languages of Nepal.

Prof. Dr. Chudamani Bandu, Prof. Dr. Tej Ratna Kansakar and Daniel Watters, members of the management committee of the survey, highlighted the importance of such research for the preservation, promotion and development of the endangered languages of Nepal.

Special Guest, Prof. Sudha Tripathi thanked the team of the survey for this great achievement and urged for  providing  funds to the departments of TU for the research.   Prof. Tarakant highlighted the importance of research for the promotion of Tribhuvan University.

Chief Guest, Dr. Awasthi remarked that this form of the  project has been winded up; however, the research on the languages of Nepal has not been concluded. He pointed out the importance of joint venture for the research of the languages of Nepal.

Chair of the program, Prof. Regmi thanking all the governmental and non-governmental agencies, members of the management committee ( from the beginning),  researchers, speech communities, teachers and staff of the department and journalists for their support for the survey to arrive at this stage clarified that the project had to be winded up due to legal provision and urged for the unity and cooperation for further research of the languages of Nepal.