The Central Department of Linguistics, a department under Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, is located within University Campus, Tribhuvan University, Kirtipur, Kathmandu. Established in May 1996, it aims to promote studies in theoretical and applied linguistics leading to degrees in M.A. and Ph.D. This is the single department in Nepal that offers courses in MA. and PhD. in Linguistics. The department is known for having the expertise in teaching and training several areas of linguistics in Nepal. Teaching and research programmes seek to impart in-depth knowledge of linguistics and its practical applications in the Nepalese context. The department has been able to establish linguistics as a discipline in Nepal.

Since its inception, the CDL has been working in developing linguistic resources of the languages spoken in Nepal. It also collaborates with various government and non-government organizations for various kinds of research. In addition to regular research works in the field of the languages spoken in Nepal, the department aims to teach and train the students in the areas of language and linguistics. Moreover, the department also publishes the books, journals, research reports, dictionaries and lexicon of the languages spoken in Nepal. We very much appreciate institutions and individuals, who provide us with the information on their on-going and completed works in Nepalese languages. See the page on Research  and Faculty for further details.

Heads of Department

No. Name Period
1. Chuda Mani Bandhu May 1996-May 2000
2. Tej Ratna Kansakar June 2000-May 2001
3. Yogendra Prasad Yadava May 2001-October 2009
4. Dan Raj Regmi November 2009-January 2018
5. Dubi Nanda Dhakal February 2018-