Linguisitc Survey of Nepal (2007-2018)


The objectives of Linguistic Survey of Nepal Project are:

  • Produce a sociolinguistic profile for each of the languages of Nepal that includes a mapping of languages and dialects.
  • Produce a basic description of at least ten languages that includes a working orthography, observations on the grammar, a trilingual glossary, and publications of folk tales.
  • Develop and maintain a complete database of the languages of Nepal which will include sociolinguistic information, grammatical information, oral and written texts, and vocabulary.
  • Develop a description of the use of mother tongues in education (formal and non-formal) as a means to better understand the development needed for mother-tongue curricula in the national educational system.
  • High quality written and electronic publications for each of its major research activities.

Please find the complete proposal of Linguisitc Survey of Nepal here for details [View details here]. A total of 86 sociolinguistic  survey reports were prepared under this program. View further details, and some reports of sociolinguistic survey reports. View details