Sociolinguistic Survey Reports

A project referred to as  Linguistic Survey of Nepal commissioned by National Planning Commission (NPC) to Central Department of Linguistics, Tribhuvan University, Nepal was conducted for about nine years (2009-2017) and  completed the sociolinguistic survey of 96 languages of Nepal. The main goal of the sociolinguistic survey was to provide a clear sociolinguistic picture of the languages of Nepal focusing on  domains of language use,  language attitude,  multilingualism,  language resources, dialectal variations and language development. These are  not the final reports. They have to be fully edited and compiled  in different volumes language family-wise.  It is not easy to understand the ethnolinguistic complexity of Nepal.  In order to inform the the whole world community about the primary  sociolinguistic situation of Nepal,  the  reports have been uploaded.   The department is  seeking  to develop an archive which houses a database of information about the languages of Nepal.

S.N. Language Download S.N. Language Download
1 Angika Link 2 Athapahariya Link
3 Awadhi Link 4 Bajhang Bajura Link
5 Bajjika Link 6 Bantawa Link
7 Belhare Link 8 Bhojpuri Link
9 Bhujel Link 10 Bote Link
11 Byansi Link 12 Chamling Link
13 Chhantyal Link 14 Chhintang Link
15 Chitouniya Tharu Link 16 Chepang Link
17 Chulung Link 18 Dangaura Tharu Link
19 Danuwar Link 20 Darai Link
21 Dhimal Link 22 dhuleli Link
23 Dotyali Link 24 Dumi Link
25 Dungmali Link 26 Gurung Link
27 Jerung Link 28 Jirel Link
29 Jumli Nepali Link 30 Kathariya Tharu Link
31 Khadiya Link 32 Khaling Link
33 Kisan Link 34 Koch and Gangai Link
35 Koyee Link 36 Kulung Link
37 Kumal Link 38 Limbu Link
39 Lowa Link 40 Magahi Link
41 Magar Kaike Link 42 Magar Kham Link
43 Magar Dhut Link 44 Maithili Link
45 Majhi Link 46 Meche Link
47 Mewahang Link 48 Nachhiring Link
49 Nepali Link 50 Newar Link
51 Phangduwali Link 52 Rajbansi and Tajpuriya Link
53 Raji Link 54 Rana Tharu Link
55 Raute Link 56 Sampang Link
57 Santhali Link 58 Shonah Khona Link
59 Thangmi Link 60 Thulung Link
61 Uranw Link 62 Wambule Link
63 Yakkha Link 64 Far Western Link